Saturday, November 22, 2008


We found out we are #20 on the list. And since finding that out, six baby boys and four baby girls have been referred to families. Seems to me we are in a great place and very likely will get a referral by Christmas. It is wierd..this whole adoption process. I have heard people say it is like being pregnant and waiting. Huh. I do not think it is similar one bit. When one is pregnant, there is a due date. So, you mark it with big hearts and circles on your calendar, get those check ups, ultrasounds, etc. You put that first ultrasound pictue up on your fridge. You watch your belly grow, wait for that first kick. There is visual and physical progress. With adoption, there is only patience and the unknown. I cannot buy or borrow baby clothes since I do not know the age this baby will be exactly. I refuse to get the room ready - knowing that there is always a chance Ethiopia could shut their doors to international adoption, or be involved in civil war, etc.

But that is life, isn't it? I think especially lately we are all feeling a bit ansy with the unknown. Will I need to foreclose on my home? Will my job be here tomorrow? How will I afford the holidays?

So as I head into Thanksgiving week, I am choosing to notice and be thankful.

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