Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will There Ever be Good News?

Yesterday we received MORE bad news on the adoption. A few months ago, the wait time between receiving one's referral (getting the call that you have been matched with a child) and traveling to Ethiopia to be there for your court date was about 5 to 6 weeks. We were told yesterday that the wait time between referral and court date has jumped to 4 to 5 MONTHS! Are you kidding me!?!?!?

Honestly, I cannot help but feel bitter right now. I understand that there is nothing our agency can do...there are only two judges within Ethiopia that deal with International adoptions, and the number of parents applying has tripled. However, if we had not run into the rotten luck of two separate bad agency workers, we would have our daughter by now.

And yes, still NO referral. We got a call over the holidays, but
it was a referral for the wrong child. They had not read nor updated our file.

Yes, I am well aware of God's perfect timing. I have personally experienced it through a miscarriage, a very sick daughter, infertility, a near death experience myself, you name it. But I firmly believe that I can be fed up, sick and tired of waiting, angry, disappointed, discouraged, sad, grieving, and still know the power of my God and the Hope I have in Him.

The God I know is like a prism. He is not one dimensional. When I look to Him, what I see - what He reveals to me - will look very different than the next person. That is not because He is ever-changing, it is because I am. So, amidst all these emotions and amidst this rocky, bumpy trail of life I experience, I will bring all I am, all I am feeling, to Him and dump it. :) And then let Him do His transformational thing in me.

Lately, it seems Christians are being attacked for being cold-hearted, close-minded, out of touch with reality, judgmental. I invite these very critics to come over and stay at MY home for a week and meet the amazing people in MY life. They just might be surprised.

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