Sunday, March 29, 2009


We received amazing news last week.

Sharon emailed to tell us that an Ethiopian through our agency had gone to the court in Addis and advocated on our behalf. Basically, this angel appeared before a judge, explained about the passing of Tigist, and all that our family has endured. And miraculously - the judge listened and his/her heart was softened. As far as CHI knows, this has never happened before.

We have a court date for April 16th. Once Abeni passes court, she officially becomes Abeni Joy Kuba. She is OURS!!!!

At that point, most likely our visa approval date will be May 14th. This is the date that we appear in court in Addis with Abeni.

Our plan is to leave on May 10th - Mother's Day.

We will be in Ethiopia for the week, returning on May 18th.

Bella will be staying with my parents in the Bay Area - so all of our local "family" there, this is where that whole "it takes a village" thing might kick in! :) My mom might need some help!!!

Of course, as with everything in International Adoption, things can change.

But for once - I have total peace. I am content. I am riding a wave of joy.

I believe Abeni will pass court on the 16th of April. I believe we will receive visa approval on the 14th of May. I believe that in about 6 weeks, my family will be together and complete.

I am looking ahead with my eyes open wide, my arms outstretched, and my hair blowing in a soft, beautiful breeze.

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Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

God does work in amazing ways! What a pleasant surprise! Congratulations!