Friday, January 1, 2010

Blog about Blogging

I am trying to reconcile myself with this whole blogging thing. I am conflicted. There are a couple of blogs I love to read - they are compelling, challenging, and they stretch me. I look forward to them. They are by people who have been given the gift of writing and speaking. They really excel at it.

Then there is a blog like ours. A family blog. A stay-at-home mom writes it.

And there you go.

I know, I know.

Writing is cathartic.

Writing is a form of self-expression.

But why do I feel a need to "put it out there" on a blog instead of just pulling out my beautiful journal from Barnes and Noble that is not subject to public comsumption?

Is it a need to be heard?

Is it self-inflated, self-involved?

Is it taking the place of actual face-to-face conversations?

I do not have the answer to this, and for now, I am going to continue to write and share my life with you.

And if I ever feel I can answer any of those aforementioned questions in the absolute affirmative,
well then,

Adios, blog.

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joah katina said...

You never know who is watching you - nor do you know who might be reading your's journeys are best shared.