Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Letting Go

Our family has been in a rather long season of Letting Go. And, we have all had to learn how to live in the midst of that.

There have been more stages in my life than I can count when I have felt that the events of my life were somehow just preparation for that which was to come. And as a result of that mentality, I have often felt discontent and impatient in the Present.

In the midst of all of the letting go of late, an unexpected Letting Go has occurred. I no longer seek after the yet-to-come. I no longer disregard the potential of the present moment in order to focus on the elusive promise of the future.

Today, Bella had a doctor’s appointment.
And unfortunately, it was bad news.

Bella has genetic defects in her feet and legs. As a result, she has had increasing pain throughout her legs – especially when running or hiking.

And we thought it was just growing pains?!??

At this point, the long term prognosis is undetermined. We are doing what we can now through orthotics and some minor physical therapy I will do with her to alleviate some pain and avert some of the tension.

There is talk about future surgery in order to elongate the bones in her legs.

Letting Go often means being willing to accept the tension that exists in the Present.

We have to embrace, trust in, and learn from recalibration.

Letting Go often means that we do not give up on those God-given dreams for the future, and yet we make sure we do all that we can to show up and participate in the ongoing thread of moments that make up the Present.

For our family, the result of this has been joy, sometimes through tears, yet joy nonetheless.

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