Friday, May 8, 2009

Okay...this is it for real

So, we have packed up the car and we are ready to roll tomorrow at 5am. This is IT! And I must say, I am really excited. I finally feel like I can emotionally enter into this. Martin is feeling the same.

We did find out some horrible news today from our agency. In Ethiopia, some children were brought before the court as "abandoned" children to be released for international adoption. The judge was a bit suspicious, and it turns out he was right. These children were in fact NOT orphans afterall. The Ethiopian Court has now suspended all court dates for International adoptions OF CHILDREN ORPHANED IN ADDIS ONLY indefinitely. This means families who have received their referrals for their son or daughter have no idea when that child will be released to them if their child was orphaned in Addis itself...this is not relevant to orphans outside of Addis as far as I have heard. Usually, from referral to court date, it tales about 4-6 weeks. Horrible.

This is EXACTLY why Madonna's potential Malawian adoption made many of us worried. She tried to skip the entire court process and lawyer her way into an adoption. No wonder these judges are wary.

Please keep all these families, the judges as they seek to be wise about their country's children, and especially the children on your prayers.

We do not know if we will have internet access while we are gone, but hope to try an update a couple of times....keep checking back!

Blessings on your own journeys - wherever they may take you.

-the Kubas


Stephanie Krause said...

Love, love love you guys! I have been praying for you all day! Will keep praying LOTS!! Loads of blessings to you!

Shana said...

I can't wait to here all about your trip! I have been thinking about and praying for you all week.

Shana Jacobs said...

I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my post and do the same for your fellow blogger friends!